Illustrator - Animator - Streamer


Hey, my name's Zacc.
I'm 20 and I'm a slavic-asian queer artist located in Europe.

I'm a non-binary lesbian (they/them), love d&d and fantasy, and the only thing that rivals my love for women is My Chemical Romance.

I specialize in illustration and animation, I have a deep love for storytelling and I aim to write stories that represent and include people like myself and my friends.

I'm @Zaccrim on most socials. I have a Youtube channel where I post videos about and stream art.

For my personal carrd

Commission Info

Status: OPENED!

Please read my TOS!

Commission inquiries are done through my official commission application!

Prices and offered styles should be in the form. If you have a specific request or a job inquiry please contact me through my email
[email protected]


Do you take art commissions/trades/ collabs/requests?

Commissions - Yes, check Commission Info
Trades & Collabs - Only Friends & Mutuals

What kind of tablet do you use?

I use a Huion Kamvas pro 16 (2021)

What programs do you use to draw/animate?

Painting - Paint Tool SAI 2
Animating - Clip Studio Paint Ex
Adjustments - Photoshop CC 2019
Video Editing - Sony Vegas & Movie Maker

Where did you learn how to draw/animate?

I’m self taught, but the internet is a very useful and educational place.

What is your canvas size/resolution?

7000 x 7000 pixels at 600dpi

What are your brush settings?

I need to update them, but they are here

Will you ever continue Fusion Friday?